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Our Story

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide you the highest quality fishing tackle at an extremely affordable price. Inshore/offshore, saltwater/freshwater, rivers/ponds, no matter your target species, our products produce fish. 100% of our products are hand made with premium materials by us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Built for fisherman, by fisherman. We fish what we sell.

About Us

Founded by two great friends and co-workers (Mike & David) in our hometown of Philadelphia, PA. We both grew up in Northeast Philadelphia with a passion for fishing, eventually joining paths at Philadelphia Gas Works. Fast forward a few crazy years filled with many full day or night fishing benders and we arrive at the creation of Northeast Jig Co.

One day we were fishing a spot prone to snags, after snagging many rocks, pilings and shopping carts we decided enough was enough. That night we ordered a jig mold, some lead, hooks and a melting pot. A few weeks of having an endless supply of jigs, we decided we also needed an endless supply of soft plastic baits.

Somewhere down the line we decided to start selling our baits locally and the rest is history. Over 5,000 jigs and 2,000 soft plastic baits sold within our first four months of sales. We couldn't be more honored to produce quality baits and have people choosing us for their next fishing trip.

- Mike

My love for fishing started when i was about 5yrs old, I remember waiting for my grandfather to pick me up to head out in the summers when I was off from school. He was a member of Penn-Warner fishing club in Bucks County, PA. These were my most fondest memories as a kid growing up. My love and passion for fishing just grew as I got older. I have been fortunate enough to fish all over the world for all different species of fish, but still to this day the striped bass holds a special place in my heart and is still my favorite fish to target. Northeast Jig Co. is a way that I can be involved in what I love to do. The best part of doing what we do is seeing a kids face when they catch fish on our products and the joy they get from catching that fish. That’s what it‘s all about for me.

- David

Born in the early 90's in Philadelphia. I grew up with a love for the outdoors. Having caught my first fish at the age of 3 years old, I was instantly hooked into the sport. Fishing nearly every weekend with my father, I quickly graduated from catching bluegills and trout at the "Fish Hatchery" ponds and Pennypack Park Creek in Philadelphia to fishing the beaches of South Jersey for Striped Bass and sharks. That passion has been in my blood for 24 years and to this day I fish every chance I get. I am a husband to an amazing wife (Allison) and a father of two beautiful girls (Raelyn & Riley). I find the balance between my full time career working on gas mains at PGW, being a full time husband and father, a part time business owner and having a crazy obsession with catching fish.